Synchronization Disclaimer

Migraine Diary 2.6 and later

Synchronization for Migraine Diary is provided through Simperium.  You can read about Simperium’s privacy and security policies here.

Migraine Diary Prior to 2.6

Synchronization for Migraine Diary is provided through Parse.  You can read about Parse’s privacy and security policies here.


Migraine Diary uses all of the facilities available through Parse & Simperium to ensure your data is private and not accessible by unauthorized users.  Please be aware that using Parse or Simperium to synchronize your data may not be in compliance with your local or regional laws regarding health-related data.  Net Workz LLC does not imply compliance with any medical or health-related laws involving data security or privacy.  The sync feature is provided as a convenience to the users of Migraine Diary to allow for ease of access across different devices they may own.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Net Workz LLC support before using Migraine Diary Sync.