Migraine Diary

Migraine Diary is a universal iPhone, iPod touch and iPad application designed to help migraine patients track their migraines.  It is currently available in the iTunes Store for download.


The application was originally part of Aaron Douglas’ final capstone project for his master’s degree in Software Engineering.

There is no help manual for the app as we’ve tried to make it intuitive as possible.  If you find something you can’t figure out, please contact us.


For support of the Migraine Diary application, please contact:

Net Workz LLC Technical Support
E-mail: support@networkzllc.net

Upcoming Features/Bug Fixes

  • More graphing capabilities
  • Additional options for medication dosage

Please contact us with any features you’d like to see added or if you find any bugs.

34 thoughts on “Migraine Diary”

  1. Great app – exactly what I was looking for in a migraine diary and even better that it is free (but I would pay for an app this good!). I would love to have ability to track barometric pressure and weather changes via built-in functionality so that it could be easily graphed to detect patterns, but am able to add that information via notes, so this still works for me. Thank you!

  2. Hi Anne! Thanks for reporting this! I’m working on a fix right now and will hopefully get Apple to rush the review for it.

  3. I updated the Migraine Diary app on my IPad and set up the new account so it would sync with my IPhone. I downloaded the entries from the past few years and sent them to myself in an email. Is there anyway to upload them back otothe app?

  4. Go to Settings and find the category with the item you want to delete. You can either swipe to delete or tap Edit and then press the delete icon and confirm.

  5. When I go to “Settings/Medications” it is empty which prevents me from either editing a typo, or deleting so I can re-enter. Can you help? Thanks.

  6. I really like your app. Is our private information being shared with anyone including third party vendors? Thank you.

  7. Using the app on iPod and iPad. Works and synchs fine across both devices. Can I use a website to log entries?

  8. Not yet, Jose, but it’s my goal to provide a simple web interface to enter/update and download the data.

  9. I completely second the idea about simple web interface to upload data. I have several year’s worth in Excel I’d really like to upload and would love not to have to do it on the phone/iPad.

  10. I just uploaded your apps, and up to now, I like it. Could you explain me the difference between intensity and impact, I can understand that intensity is how much the pain is, but I don’t see what impact would be ? This is probably because I am french.
    Thank you for your help

  11. Hi Julie – they are pretty much for whatever you want to use them for. My original paper diary had columns for both. Intensity was used for how painful the headache was and impact was to indicate how affected your daily life was from it.

  12. I use this as do my members on a migraine website . My child neurologist has also adopted this to use with his clients at Sheffield Children’s hospital
    . Very good app . A list to see how regular triggers appear would be useful for comparison ? Seeing which triggers cause the most headaches would be helpful in avoiding some triggers if possible

  13. The date and time fall into the spreadsheet as a string. Can the date be a separate item and the duration of the migraine be included as part of the export?

  14. Great app but When I try to ‘share’ I receive the message ‘this device is not able to email’. I often email from my phone. Are you able to assist?

  15. Can we customize the categories?
    That way I can personalize the type of pain, frequency of pain etc.

  16. You sure can! Tap on the Settings tab and add/delete categories from that screen after tapping edit when you’re in Medications/Locations/etc.

  17. Please, how do we delete an entry? I’ve got some Blank entries and want to delete them. Congrats for this handy app!

  18. If you swipe from right to left on the entry it should show a delete option. Let me know if that doesn’t work!

  19. Hi, I love this app and have used it for years when talking to my doctor and other healthcare professionals, so thank you! Today for some reason when I try to share data by email the send option is greyed out. Any idea why?

  20. Excited to find your app. Until now I have been recording the date/time I take the triptan on the back of the blister packs as I take the pills. I am now trying to enter my accrued data (36 entries) into the app, so I can track my history/patterns better, but I am not able to enter anything older than 30 days ago. Is it possible to go back to April of this year (December now). Thank you

  21. I’ve been suffering from cluster headache for 5 years, and I installed this app for the last 4yrs. It’s the best and I wish to have a night mode of it

  22. Hi Cecelia – the ones in red don’t have a completed date/time in them, so they’re sort of open-ended. For a duration to be calculated the started/finished values are needed. Hope this helps and sorry for the delay!

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