My name is Aaron Douglas and Net Workz LLC is a small company I started that I use for anything I do geeky-related. I don’t have much content here but I plan on expanding this site soon.

My full time job employs me as a software engineer.  This place is for my personal projects that need to be legit, like iPhone Apps.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I use your MigraineDiary to track my headaches. I can tell my neurologist how many headaches I have in a month, etc. There was a time I could bring up a graph of my pain frequency and intensity, but not now. Can you bring back that graphing ability?

  2. Hi Karen – That functionality should still be there. Are you using the iPad or iPhone version? It’s under the Learn tab on iPhone or the Learn button at the top of the screen on the iPad.

  3. The program quits unexpectedly when I push the learn button. It asks me if I would like to send a message to report the problem and I push send message.

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