Migraine Diary 2.3 – Sync is here!

We’re getting close to releasing the latest update to Migraine Diary, version 2.3.

We originally were going to use Apple’s iCloud data sync feature to provide a way for you to sync data across your devices.  We decided to go with a third-party vendor, called Parse, to allow for the greatest flexibility.  Simply go into the Settings screen in the app, create an account, and tap Synchronize Now.  Right now we’ve limited the functionality to a manual process – you will have to tap “Synchronize Now” to perform the sync.  We hope to eventually have an automatic process to sync, but wanted to get this feature out now instead of waiting longer.

The next item on the list for version 2.4 (coming this spring) will be dosage information on medications plus a number of other improvements.  Contact us with any suggestions you may have!

3 thoughts on “Migraine Diary 2.3 – Sync is here!”

  1. Please use icloud for syncing. Apple integration is very easy and smooth across all apple products without lifting a finger. It’s the last thing a migraineur wants to do. Lol, but seriously:)

  2. I will definitely try iCloud sync again – it was really unstable in iOS 5 and 6.

  3. I agree about iCloud syncing. As I found the app in the Apple App Store, I assumed, if there was any syncing, that it would be to iCloud. As Anthony says, the easier it is to make entries & sync etc. the better it will be. Migraineurs just cannot think straight or even make small decisions during a migraine.

    Before I found this section, I sent an email to you with questions regarding medications. I think it is very necessary to record the dosage and how many tablets it took to get relief.

    Great diary, though. Thanks!

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