Migraine Diary 2.6.1 – iPad Sync Bug Fix

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contact me about the problems with accessing synchronization on the iPad. I really do apologize for letting this slip through!

I’ve fixed the problem and submitted another version of the app to Apple for review. I’ve also asked for an expedited review of the fix. I hope they accept the request and get the fix out into the App Store by Monday or Tuesday.

Migraine Diary 2.6 – New Synchronization!

It seems like just yesterday that synchronization was added to Migraine Diary. After a couple years of using Parse as the backend provider for sync, it was decided to move to something a bit nicer for the users of Migraine Diary.

We’re now using a technology called Simperium and the sync between your devices will be automatic! Categories like medications, triggers, symptoms and pain locations will now also sync across devices – which is something a lot of you have been asking for.

You will have to create a new account even if you used synchronization in the past prior to version 2.6. You only need to create this account once and then use that username & password on your other devices.

More Information about Synchronization Privacy

Migraine Diary 2.3 – Sync is here!

We’re getting close to releasing the latest update to Migraine Diary, version 2.3.

We originally were going to use Apple’s iCloud data sync feature to provide a way for you to sync data across your devices.  We decided to go with a third-party vendor, called Parse, to allow for the greatest flexibility.  Simply go into the Settings screen in the app, create an account, and tap Synchronize Now.  Right now we’ve limited the functionality to a manual process – you will have to tap “Synchronize Now” to perform the sync.  We hope to eventually have an automatic process to sync, but wanted to get this feature out now instead of waiting longer.

The next item on the list for version 2.4 (coming this spring) will be dosage information on medications plus a number of other improvements.  Contact us with any suggestions you may have!

MigraineDiary 1.4 Submitted to Apple

On Tuesday, July 5th I submitted v1.4 of MigraineDiary to Apple for approval.  It’s a smaller update as I chose to crank it out to keep up with the 45 day release schedule I was originally shooting for.  In this release, the following was updated/added/fixed:

  • Categ0ry entries (medications, triggers, treatments) now support being edited instead of having to delete & re-add
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Added link in “About” page to be able to rate application in App Store

Migraine Diary 1.3 Submitted to Apple

I’ve submitted v1.3 to Apple today for approval.  This version includes a significantly refreshed view of your journal entries with a number of requested fixes.  The sliders for intensity and impact were replaced with a custom number spinner (I’ll be adding more to that spinner in the next version).  The changes will hopefully make it easier to see everything quickly and change what you need to without having to go into the screens to see what is selected.


The next version will have more of the significant changes you’ve been requesting.  Please feel free to contact me with any requests!

Migraine Diary 1.2 Submitted to Apple

Migraine Diary 1.2 has been submitted to Apple for review and insertion into the App Store.  It includes the following updates:

  • Journal entry listing screen now shows month sections
  • Journal entry listing screen has an edit button to make it clear how to delete an entry
  • Editing an existing journal entry doesn’t show save/cancel – changes are saved instantly
  • Fixed problem with adding blank categories when clicking cancel
  • Updated App icon to a new image and added high-resolution images for the iPhone 4
  • Graph in “learn” now updates with intensity from journal entries live; previously you had to quit the App and relaunch for the screen to update
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

Next version will be a major improvement and include a number of features you’ve been requesting –

  • Drugs will allow you to add strength and quantity
  • More graphs and better descriptions on existing graph
  • Possible integration with Evernote for sharing

Migraine Diary had taken a back seat in my life because of a business full time job during the day.  2010 was a really successful year for myself, and 2011 has been good as well.  I’m taking the time to address the shortcomings of this App because I personally need a good Migraine Diary App to record my headaches.  The App in its current design isn’t well suited for my needs.  I will continue to issue improvements and make this App the best Migraine Diary out there!  Please contact me with any improvements you’d like to see.

Migraine Diary in iTunes

Apple notified me today that the Migraine Diary application was approved and should be available in the iTunes Store later today. Here is the link that should bring you right to the app after its posted –




For more information about the application, click “Migraine Diary” in the menu bar above!